“ The Company Men”

“ The Company Men”

“In America, We give our lives to our jobs, it's time to take them back”

“ The Company Men” is a movie written and directed by John Wells which was commercially released by early 2011. The Lead role is played by Ben Afflect as Bobby Walker.
The movie was made and published in the wake of world financial crisis and is the story of the costs a crisis brings-especially to proletariats; to workers and employees of every color and of every rank; it is the story of individuals who ultimately act as whole to proted their interest-self and class interest; it is the struggle story of the CEO and shareholders of GTX to attract more profit and thus stay in the business-thru firing thousands of workers for reducing costs; it is the struggle story of the workers to try in vain in protecting their jobs, which gradually ends up to the struggle for finding new jobs, protecting current financial status and ultimately the story of struggle to survive. The movie is the story of hope in the hearts of millions of workers that burns as a candle right up to the sunlight. The movie is the story of clash of two mostly opposing values-Ethics and Interest...

      The movie, besides, is the narration of endeavors of McClary to unite Ethics and Interest through establishing a new business which avails new job opportunities. However, I found it hard to accept that as an alternative-a real alternative. Eventhough, the real economic situation can be graver than what has been depicted in the movie, yet, the movie has succesfully depicted it to some extend; at least it can lit some questions into your mind such as: what does it really take to be unemployed? What would YOU do if you were Bobby Walker, McClary or Senior manager Phil Woodward who ultimately took his own life? Are you going to wait in vain for a miracle, or you are going to fight it back and work for other possible alternatives and opportunities?

Quotes from “The Company Men”:
-    “I will win! Why? Because I have Faith! Courage! Enthusiasm!”
-    “Start slow and see if it will grow.

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